The fusion of art, science and technology brings me to the world of VFX. It encourages me to never stop learning, to constantly pushing the edge and to always be creative.  it’s very exciting! I took every opportunity to learn something new as well as sharing what I learned.

Although my background is film and broadcasting, not VFX, it makes me a more complete artist, because the technical part of broadcasting and artistic side of filmmaking sets the building blocks for VFX.

With 5 years of working experience in both video production and visual effects industry, as well as years of photography experience, I gained a strong understanding of colour, compositing and lighting. With a high level of self-motivation and collaboration, I am able to seamlessly integrate CG and live-action plates. And a solid technical knowledge of broadcast and film and python scripting give me ability to work efficiently.

Furthermore, I believe the success of a project starts with great team work. An efficient and cohesive team are crucial to a smooth running show.
Thank you!